I am sure we all have certain routines integrated into everyday life; It might be the morning coffee, an extensive breakfast, the afternoon tea or a goodnight read before bed. Routines give us stability and grounding. Especially when the day is rushed or we are in times of stress or uncertainty. Our routine is there, holding a safe space for us.

We can give more meaning to our routines by turning them into a ritualistic practice. The difference between these two is the intention we set and the awareness we put into a ritual.

My personal Morning Routine turned into a Ritual

I am always, every morning, setting aside 2 hours (sometimes more) to my morning routine. I have started this more than 5 years ago, as a routine. I was checking my mails, having my coffee, checking instagram, having another coffee. This used to be my ideal routine. Until I became aware of mindfulness and intention setting. Now, my morning ritual still consists of 2 hours or more, but the setting is quite different; I light an incense, go to my Slow Drip Coffee Maker -something I got myself when I started pacing down. I pour my coffee slowly and attentive. I now only drink one coffee in the morning, at least half of it with full attention on the taste and the experience. I am grateful for the experience and really soak in that little joy in the very start of the morning. I continue my morning ritual by showering, hot and cold, getting ready for my meditation (I always dress in white for my morning meditation), meditate for 30 Minutes and more and honor the day ahead of me. I set an intention, for my morning ritual and for my day.

This ritual, which is indeed very ritualized and generally follows the same pattern, gives me stability. Before this ritual, I would sometimes end up being nervous, sometimes because I was inattentively drinking my coffee and it was simply too much, sometimes because I did not set up myself properly for the day ahead. In any way, ritualizing and setting an intention gave me more control and patience. It “framed” me day and put me into the right mindset.

Ritual Ideas

Morning routines are possibly one of the most talked about topics of coaches and productivity-geeks, and that for a good reason. As mentioned above, in the morning, we are fresh and able to start the day ahead with a positive mindset. We are able to prepare what is in front of us.

A ritual can also be something we practice in the afternoon. The afternoon tea ceremony is a great example. We give ourselves that little break and really sit down, slow down while we enjoy our favorite tea. We make it a celebration. Of tea, the time we commit to ourselves and the joy of taking a break and reconnect.

Another ritual to get ready for the evening is an evening Yoga practice. Not just in the sense of meeting yourself on the mat – you may want to light a candle, meditate, and really make it your practice. Give it meaning and put your whole heart into it.

More Rituals:

  • Tea Ceremonies
  • Cacao Ceremonies
  • Sacred Reading (as introduced by Casper her Kuile in: “The Power of Rituals”)
  • Walking Meditations
  • Silent Meditations
  • Dancing
  • Bathing
  • Massaging ourselves

In fact, you can turn probably everything into a ritual; A shower can become a sacred part of your routine, and more than that, turn into a sacred ritual of cleansing and purification.

Remember: The difference of a routine and a ritual is the intention we set, by giving meaning, we create something sacred (in Tantra: Consecration).

Closing Thoughts

Rituals in daily routines are a great way to create more meaning into everyday life. There are endless possibilities to ritualize and it can help to get inspired by the routines that other people integrate into their lives. Check out YouTubers, Bloggers and the people around you and integrate the rituals you enjoyed seeing. Adapt and change the things up to make it your ultimate and individual ritual. The best way to start a ritual that only takes seconds is to have your morning coffee and create a theme for the day. Set an intention. And already you have a wonderful new ritual integrated into your day.

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