Hi! I am so happy you have found my blog and I hope my content will inspire you – no matter the topic that has brought you here. My name is Laila Regalado, I am a German living in between Switzerland and Ibiza. I am a travel enthusiast, wife, dog “mommy”, yogi, former Muay Thai boxer, tea-nerd, artist, introvert and much more.

I am the founder of Laila Regalado Silk Scarves – a boutique brand that designs silk pieces in unique spiritual and mystical-inspired summer scarves. I am also a lifelong and passionate learner. My current main project is to graduate in forensic psychology, and my goal is to work in prisons and find out more about deviant behaviour.

The human mind is, and has always been, so fascinating to me – from how human interact with one another on to the development of personalities. I read tons of books that help me get an insight into how “we” construct our realities. But of course, there is no replacement for real and solid practice.

At social gatherings, I often find myself slipping into the role of an impromptu psychoanalyst. It’s all good fun, but there’s a genuine fascination behind it. I observe, listen, and connect the dots, peeling back layers of personality like the pages of an intriguing book.

My friends are usually amazed, sometimes a bit spooked, by my ability to read them so accurately. It’s like I have a sixth sense for understanding what makes people tick. I don’t just see the words they say; I feel the stories they don’t tell. This talent, this game, isn’t just about wowing the crowd; it’s a reflection of my passion for the human mind and its complexities.

Each interaction is a puzzle, and solving it is exhilarating. But it’s more than just a party game to me. It’s a glimpse into the depth of my future career in psychology, where I aspire to not only understand but also to help and heal. My analyses at these gatherings are playful yet insightful, a dance of words and emotions, leaving everyone, including myself, a little more connected and understood.

In my blog I will be sharing some its and bits. Besides psychology, I love all spiritual topics and have done intense training and practices surrounding what there is within the spiritual realms. Everyone finds different aspects of spirituality helpful or exciting. Therefore, whatever works for you is your truth. And no one has a better insight into what your truth is than you. Always follow your intuition.

How Tantra came into my life

After more than 3 years of my journey on self-discovery, tantra found me. I only knew tantra from its sensual part. Still, when I discovered the real philosophy behind this wonderful way of living and approaching life, I could not help but study tantra extensively.

Contrary to what some know about Tantra in the West, Tantra has a holistic approach and only a small part of it is related to intimacy. In fact, there are many Tantrists (White Tantra) who are celibates.

“The” Tantra does not exist – there are different schools of Tantra and different paths, which I am explaining more about in this Blog.

Besides Tantra, I am a Yoga and Pranayama Teacher. In this Blog, I will share with you what I find most helpful, useful, calming and energizing.

Asanas (the Postures in Yoga) are part of Yoga – they are one of the 8 Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, but Yoga is so much more than Postures;. It is a way of living mindful and with awareness. Yoga is, like Tantra, a path that can lead to enlightenment and self-realization.

Surely I always was impressed by the flexibilities and the strength of Yogis, but what I really fell in love with was the philosophy behind Yoga. It is a way of living life mindfully and lovingly, without set religious rules or doctrines. It is getting to know yourself through self-study and introspection as well as movement and ethical values. It is a holistic approach towards health and happiness.

What is the Difference between Tantra and Yoga?

Osho distinguishes Tantra and Yoga in his “The Book of Secrets” as Yoga being the path of the warrior and attributed to the Yang Principle, whereas Tantra is the peaceful Path to Enlightenment, and attributed to the receptive Yin principle. Both practices are intended to bring peace and self-realization. Techniques can be applied to the individuals’ personal needs and lifestyle. There is no “choosing” or “competition”.

So, what is Tantra?

Referring to Osho, Tantra is not a philosophy, and neither is it a religion. It does not matter, which religion you belong to, tantra welcomes you with open arms. Osho says, that Tantra simply translates to “technique”. It is a technique that can lead us towards the final goal; enlightenment.

“Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it.”


In Tantra, the idea is that we have all the potential within us. We only need to realize it. In order to achieve this realization, tantra gives us techniques; One of its superpowers is mindfulness and meditation.

Osho distinguishes Tantra and Yoga in his “Book of Secrets” as Yoga being the path of the warrior, following the active Yang principle. It is going the path towards self-realization by fighting the obstacles towards the path.

Whereas Tantra is the receiving Yin principle; Tantra sees you as wholesome already. You do not need to fight yourself. You have everything within you, and you can let it shine by simply being mindful. In Tantra, you overcome the duality of “bad habits” and “good habits”, “bad traits” and “good traits”. In Tantra, we want to overcome duality. Shiva and Shakti – the feminine and the masculine energy – they are interconnected. The goal is to overcome thinking in dualities. This is, what is meant by “wholesome”. In Tantra, there are no rules, there only is mindfulness.

Spirituality to me

Spirituality is fun! Mixed together with the techniques of Tantra and the Yogic way of living life, I have become calm, joyful and open hearted. I feel the benefits of implementing a spiritual approach in everyday life – and the people around me notice it, too. My relationships have improved – and most importantly; I live life in light and inspiration.

What does Spirituality mean to you?

Pick and choose the practices that work best for you – no matter if they are influenced by Wiccan Rituals, Christians, Shamans, Yogis, Tantrists, Zen Buddhists or whatever else. Embrace its roots, and then take the practice and make it yours!

I surely am no Guru, just a curious soul on a wondrous journey, sharing the experiences that helped me living the life I desire. I push myself out of comfort zones and I hope I can inspire you to grow and give meaning to your life continuously.

Question everything: question what I write, question what you feel, and question why you do the things you do. Become unattached and find yourself againโ€”in Satya (Sanskrit for truth) and joy.

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