Living the life we always dreamt of starts with an inner fire.
When we feel a desire to accomplish a goal and work towards it – that is manifestation in a nutshell.
The technique of manifesting our goals and desires is used by athletes for many decades, and the book “The Secret” has made the power of the law of attraction popular to the masses in 2016. Even though the technique itself might be as ancient as civilization itself.
Let’s dive deeper into this powerful force of our innate nature.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is the process of directing ones attention towards a specific goal (career, money, weight loss, relationship), imagining it already happened.
This technique is based on the law of attraction, which  is a universal principle that follows the rule: “Where the attention goes, energy flows”.
This means, if we invest in positive thoughts, our attention will be attracted by positive things, which will eventually lead to a positive, purpose driven life.
When looking up the law of attraction, I found it to be categorized in the “New Age Spirituality”, and pseudo-psychology.
On a bright note; Psychologists have an immense interest in that phenomenon that science is not yet able to proof.
Now let’s imagine we have a great day; we woke up feeling rested, energetic and light.
Did you ever notice how on these days you cross upon people who share that positive energy with you? And those, who might not, do not bother you, they in fact do not come to your attention. This is the law of attraction in action. By us being positive, we resonate with people of that very same energy.
And resonance is the key word when it comes to the law of attraction; When our thought patterns are positive, our mind and body will resonate with it, which will have the outside world resonate with our thoughts.
I find it truly magical, yet it happens every day and to everybody.
As human beings, we have an inner drive to accomplish something. Whatever that something might be – we want to have meaning in our lives.
When we sit down with our racing mind, thinking about all the different goals, ideas and plans we have, we will probably feel overwhelmed and without a compass.
This is what happened to me in the beginning of my journey. I wanted to do so many things, be so many things, experience everything possible and in the ideal case, all at once.
Even though that curiosity still is an important part in my life, I now find myself in a more calm approach – and thankfully with a quiet mind, too.
“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” —Bill Copeland
Just when I really sat down and made that list of the things I want – in a week, a month, a year, 5 years and in the big picture – my mind started to become calm and focused.
Oftentimes, when we feel overwhelmed and confused or unclear about which direction to take, it might be because we have lost connection to our innate nature, to our drives, our goals and ambitions.
Equally to letting go, surrendering and taking the leap of faith, we should be ambitious and determined in reaching our goals. It gives us purpose.

“A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at.” –Bruce Lee

Demystifying Manifestation

Manifestation. It sounds too good to be true; We simply imagine something  and magic is about to happen.
Just to be clear on that; I believe in the power of manifestation and have witnessed this incredible source myself over and over. Yet, there are many misconceptions on the power of manifesting your future. There are many skeptics – and rightfully so, since manifestation is not this “make a wish, blow a candle and you will get what you wished for”-Ticket to easy achievement.
Instead, manifestation takes action. It is the starting point, the energy that will lead us into the direction, towards the outcome we desire.
Things often happen different than we plan. And that is totally fine, because in the end the journey is what we are living for – not too much the destination itself.
BUT; We need an idea of where we want to be heading to. Without a goal, we find ourselves running around like headless chicken.

Where Attention goes – the Energy flows

When we manifest, we imagine ourselves in the desired outcome. We believe we already have what we had been wishing for – may it be a loving relationship we desire, maybe it is money, it might be a position in our career, or even us living a healthy lifestyle.
Whatever we wish for – we first need to imagine we ARE living this dream already.
It is believed that when we imagine ourselves in the desired situation, our subconscious mind will think about the habits and the steps needed to achieve our goal. Destiny will show us the needed steps -and we need to walk them.

So how can we manifest?

Let’s start the process of manifesting by sitting down and getting really comfortable.
Close your eyes for a couple of minutes and think about where you want to be in 3 months, 1 year, 3 years and in 5 years from now on.
Take it even further and think about where you want to see yourself when you are really, really old. What is the life that you want to have lived? How do you want others to talk about you?
Really take your time thinking about that perfect future.
When you have a vivid scenery in front of you, come back and start to journal. Write down your thoughts, what is important to you?
Make different Mind Maps of your Goals;
A Mind Map of your accomplishments in 3 Months
A Mind Map of your accomplishments in 1 year
In 3 years, 5 years and by the end of your lifetime, that big picture.

The Difference about Wishing and Manifesting

When we manifest, we do not only write lists, but we feel ourselves being that person we want to be.
How are we, when we are living our full potential? How are we walking, standing, sitting, feeling? When do we wake up, what are we thinking? Manifestation is starting a process of change rather than just wishing it will one day happen.
As mentioned before; Where the attention goes, energy flows.
Writing Lists of wishes is an amazing tool to come closer towards where the destination could be going – yet we need to bring our lists to life. And this we can only do with the help of our feelings – that great gift that makes our lives colorful and pleasurable.
When we awaken our inner fire, nothing can stop us. Try it!

So, is Manifestation easy?

Yes, it is easy to manifest. Yet, manifestation is an active process that takes commitment and endurance;
We do not (only) make a wish, but we prepare ourselves to be wholesome in inner landscape of wishes and dreams and outer actions. It might be challenging at times, and this is why manifestation is not something to be done once, but something to be repeated over and over again.
When we really want what we are trying to manifest, it will be SO worth it.

Closing Thoughts

Reading about manifestation is just the first step. All the knowledge does not do anything to us for as long as we do not take further steps. I invite you to start manifesting the things you want in your life. Listen to guided meditations on manifestation and the law of attraction and let the magic work for you.

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