This is why we are all healing

In the spiritual scene I always stumbled across the word “healing”. And it annoyed me. Everyone seems to be healing at every point in their lives. They just never seem to be healed. People offering their own services of healing but when looking at their social media, they are always caught up in something. Something that needs healing.

How is that possible that people do so much healing work but never seem to be healed? Isn’t it supposed to become better at some point? And when it does not, why even start the healing chapter?

When we think of healing, we think of deep work, crying, pain and suffering. And in the beginning of a spiritual journey this might very well be the case. We become aware of our wounds – the collective ones, the traumas that are not even ours (trauma can be inherited and always is. Great books that offer insight on this are: It did not start with you and the Body keeps the Score) as well as the things that have happened to us, some time in our lives. More often than not, events when we were young, but also when someone said something hurtful just a few hours ago. Trauma seems to be everywhere. The work is always a work in progress. The same things will come up over and over again. And that’s fine. 

We are all hurt, we all need healing. The word itself is just made really big and impactful. Personally I can tell that the word “healing” triggered me – and still does to some extent. Healing implies that we are broken, that we are passive, victims. We are not autonomous. This goes beyond the way I want to see myself. If you are anything like me – independent, strong willed and with a desire to be your own ruler- the word healing might be something you don’t want to have around you, either. I get that! 

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When I then associate with healing the process of crying and pitying myself – it makes me run. It is just not my way of coping with the issues. In my last Tantra retreat I learned that we all cope differently, some cry, some laugh. We all have different traumas, we all need to cope differently. BUT; We all need to cope. This does not mean one needs to be healed because they are broken. Instead, think of healing as a holistic process. In Ancestor revelation we say that when one heals themselves, they also heal the inherited trauma. Those who do the work can stop whole cycles. We leave this world a better place, we grow and nurture. Ourselves and others.

There are dozens of ways to heal and I will introduce you to some of them. Those that have made most of the impact in my life. One of them had been the Womb Meditation , a ceremony that took me on a journey to my power center. It is my personal center of joy. It is said that the womb (for men, the Hara) stores all events, from us and our ancestors. It also contains lots of happiness and collective memories. Diving in there may bring up memories you do not even remember you had.

Another, very powerful one I have mentioned above, the Ancestor Revelation. This one has been so powerful that during a meditation I heard my ancestors say: “You stopped the cycle”. It made me cry. I would encourage everyone to find out more about their ancestors. Ancestors are still honored and celebrated in many parts of the world; and rightfully so! By learning about our past, we get to know ourselves better. We become conscious of learned patterns and have the chance to let go of what does not suit our generation anymore. Also, isn’t it super fascinating that we are just there because of all the ancestors that rooted for us? How proud would they be to see us, please? It is pure magic!

There are so many “healing practices”, and healing does not have to be crying. We heal through dance, meditation, laughter… Basically anything. We do not need to talk for months about our problems, we can address them and make the choice to let go. It is a process – and it always will be. Befriend with the thought: You will always need healing. And healing is a lot of fun!

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