The Journey of the Soul and Self exploration

If you are interested in Spirituality and Psychology, this is the place to be!

I am Soulfully excited that you have found my Homepage. If I may introduce myself, my Name is Laila Regalado, I am an Artist, Writer, Accessoires Designer, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and more than all of that a Spiritual Soul, exploring this Life’s Journey with curiosity and an incredible thirst of knowledge.

I have always been fascinated by human behavior and currently study Criminal Psychology. The variety of human personalities, differences in thought patterns and behavior is captivating me. I dedicate my time understanding humans – from all aspects; cognitive, inter- and transpersonal and especially from a spiritual perspective.

I have visited 400 cities in more than 30 countries and am sharing my journey in my German Blog Lailas-little-luxury . During my travels I have met so many different souls on their own personal journeys and found myself in the middle of Shamanic Ceremonies with wondrous medicine opening my desire to try and find the pleasurable, treasurable and desirable life I deserve.

And then, I found myself on a Yogic Path. I am dedicated about teaching Yogic and Tantric practices and share the insights gathered on human behavior. I am deeply inspired by the philosophy of ancient scriptures for they hold so much meaning also in nowadays world.

I am a curious person by nature and my Goal is to experience spirituality in its deepest facets and to share my experiences with others.

With this Blog, I hope to make you curious about this life and it’s wonders. I hope to be able to inspire you. There is so much to learn behind the Poses of Yoga or the breathing rhythms in Pranayama. Life changes and now it more important than ever to find yourself in silence, to listen to your body and nurture yourself in rituals that support your self-growth.

“Life repeats itself mindlessly – unless you become mindful, it will go on repeating like a wheel”


Just like you, I am a student of life. I am discovering, pursuing and learning. Let us all get inspired and say Hello to Life with open arms and all of our senses.

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If you like Yoga and Asana Practice, I would love for you to check out my YouTube Channel. I am a 500 hours certified Yoga Teacher and am passionate about practicing it. Let’s do Yoga together – Meet me on the Mat whenever you are ready.

Be the Soul you Want to see in the world

I hope you are really going to enjoy my articles and I am curious on your thoughts. Let’s get in touch!

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