I love journaling. It is one of the best techniques for self-discovery and gaining clarity over my vision and the direction I am heading towards. Whenever my thoughts pop up, they feel clear and precise—but writing them down? That makes me realise how messy they are (nothing wrong with that). There is this famous picture showing a cluttered mind – before journaling or meditation, and the clear line that follows after.

The picture seems pretty accurate. Journaling does go beyond the clutter. It also goes beyond the surface and brings up things we may not want to be thinking about at first. Because they may be uncomfortable. Our conscious mind wants to protect us. But here is the thing; If we do not become fully aware of what is uncomfortable to us, and what possibilities are out there to transform our discomfort into growth, we may be like those birds putting their heads in the sand. And we don’t want to stick our heads in the sand, do we?

Different journaling techniques

Just as there are many purposes for journaling, there are many approaches to it. Some journal to track their goals and progress, while others use them as a diary that touches feelings and behaviours. Some may use it as an approach to cognitive behavioural therapy, Especially when depressive episodes are hitting in; it could be essential to see the whole picture, create turn-around-thoughts, and see new perspectives. Others want clarity over their purpose, career, and social life. Journaling also helps to overcome self-limiting beliefs. I know many people who like to start their day with brain dumps. That means anything in one’s head is written down, with no order, no structure. No consideration for grammar or anything alike. When all the clutter is gone, clarity takes its place. It is a wonderful method to start the day aligned.

Journaling with Prompts

Journaling prompts are excellent for self-exploration, and I used some prompts that made me cry. When living life, we tend to forget about our hurdles, progress, hardship, sweat, tears and all our efforts. Some journaling prompts touch on our past and bring all that to the surface. Journaling about ourselves can start the day with massive self-love and aha moments.

If you want to gain clarity, be more focused, productive, and positive, and explore yourself, these prompts are for you:

  • What three things would you tell your teenage self?
  • What questions would you want your teenage self to ask your future self?
  • What hurdles did you overcome in life? How did you manage to?
  • What are you grateful for this month?
  • What are you looking forward to in the future, and why?
  • What do you want to accomplish in the future?
  • What were hardships in the past that you have conquered?
  • What are three things you can do today to make your day awesome?
  • Which self-care routines do you love the most?
  • Do you take enough care of yourself?
  • What are your boundaries? Are you clear about them?
  • What is a good deed you can do today?
  • What are your values in life? Do you live up to them?
  • Name three self-defeating thoughts that you tell yourself. Why do you say them? Are they true? Can you change them?
  • What would you do if you could not fail?
  • Which emotions do you find most challenging to accept?
  • Which values do you consider the most important in your life?
  • What are three personal beliefs about yourself? How did they come to life?
  • Describe yourself in 10 words.
  • Write down a positive affirmation about yourself.
  • Write a letter to your seven your old version.
  • What motivates you in life?
  • Where do you see yourself 5/7/20 years from now?
One of my favorite YouTubers thoughts on Journaling – perfectly explained

Journal Prompts for Self Exploration

Journaling is one of the fastest ways to clarify the current stance and see the big picture. A journaling routine creates purpose and direction when we feel stuck. Try it out and see your life change through the momentum you build. These prompts will inspire many more journaling topics along the journey.

Journal prompts will help you gain clarity over your progress and increse productivity

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