Have you ever tried to be in the present moment? I mean, totally involved in what is happening right now. 

For example, when you are eating. Chewing the food bit by bit, realizing its textures -is it crunchy, soft, melty or maybe a bit of it all? – , smelling the scent, hearing the noises the food might make, tasting it, chew after chew without thinking of anything but your food? Savoring each bite without a mind that’s drifting. Without a to-do list in your head (or basically anything other than that delicious meal right in front of you).

It sounds „easy“, and in theory, it would be. Yet, there are so many distractions. If we are eating alone, many of us may decide to be eating in front of the TV, or are already thinking about the next tasks. Maybe the food reminds them of something that they have eaten somewhere in a restaurant? Or, possibly you are always eating with your partner? 

Mindfulness practices – Mindful eating

Mindful eating is a though challenge. Though, because we are humans and our mind is programmed to be thinking. Resting our mind is the challenge.

I practiced many meditation practices, but mindful eating has not been one of them. Until now. It is interesting how quickly my mind drifted to other things. When chewing the food, let‘s say, an apple, I think of the crunchy texture and immediately my mind goes to why crunching is soothing for our mind. Meeh. It is part of the human experience to „drift off“, so says Dr. Jan Chozen Bays, the author of „Mindful Eating“ who brought to my awareness the beauty of this practice.

Right now I am staying in an Ayurvedic Retreat in Pune, I came all by myself to focus on myself. 

I brought this book to learn from it and wow… what have I found an abundance of wisdom from my body. 

One bite at a time – the simple practice to becoming mindful of what is in front of you

The process of slowing down and being present is so rewarding, for only then do we experience the full pleasure of what it means to be alive. Not only when we eat. It starts with a sip of tea. Or coffee. I realized that I used to chug down my cup of coffee in the morning. No, I stop myself and savour each sip. Coffee, Tea, and whenever possible, water as well. 

Mindful Eating with Jan Chozen Bays

Jan Chozen Bays is a Zen Buddhist and Pediatric, you can find more information about her and the courses she gives here.

Her course on YouTube can be found through the Vow Zen Monastery:

Mindfulness is a practice that can be implemented into everyday life, not just in terms of eating. While I used to hold a very rigid practice of meditation (every morning I used to chant and do an hour long meditation), I have not been great in implementing mindfulness.

That is changing, little by little. While I keep my little reminders of being more present, I slowly noticed how there maintains a certain awareness throughout the day. It really changes my perception of what is surrounding me. 

Are you curious how to start your own mindfulness practice? Check it out here . 

We are mindful when engaged fully in the present moment. It is not about stopping our thoughts or actions, but becoming the driver of our actions. The beauty of the present moment – that is what I associate with mindfulness.

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