Manifestation can bring magical results, yet it is not magic. When we direct our focus to a certain intention, we are focusing our energy towards that goal/desire. 

Does it always work? I do not know, at least in the past it has for me. 

Some things are still to be accomplished, but a good amount of what I have planned out for myself in the past did actually become true. 

My manifestations have not become a reality by mere wishing though. I heard of some people that wishing for something in order to manifest it into our lives is enough. It may be true for some, yet I rather give my goals and desires a proper boost in order to get the results I want.

Maybe it works either way; through taking action or waiting patiently. I choose action over patience! So it is just about time for me to set my intentions for 2023. What is it that I want to manifest?

Manifestation Ideas

In a previous article I wrote about how manifestation works. 

I love planning in general, and remember myself doing proper timelines about by what time I want to have something manifested. Now we are reaching the last day of 2022 and it is time to start manifesting new things into life – and the New Year offers the best chance to make the dreams come true.

On my search for manifestation I found two websites that inspired me deeply:

spells8, which is full of witchy rituals and tipps, and daring to live fully, a blog by a lawyer and entrepreneur called Marelisa (have I ever mentioned how inspired I get by power-ladies?).

Spells 8 has 23 ideas on what to manifest for the coming year:

  • The dream career
  • Self-Confidence
  • Happy relationship or marriage
  • New friends/connections
  • Promotion
  • Consistently good sleep
  • Self-Care
  • Debt free
  • Spiritual Communion
  • Mental Health Carre
  • Healthy Body
  • Abundance
  • Family & Friends
  • Good relation with neighbors
  • Friends with similar interests
  • Hobbies
  • Resting time
  • Universal Connection
  • Release of limiting beliefs
  • Success
  • A joyful Heart

My Manifestation for 2023

Out of these Ideas, many more ideas can be inspired. What I am craving for 2023 is to finally get rid of some self-limiting beliefs I have around myself. One of these beliefs is that I should not bother starting a Vlog. Truth is, I am terrified that I will be rejected, that the trolls going to get to me, emotionally I mean. I had the idea of vlogging many times, but each time I found myself with some excuses not to do it. And digging deeper I realize that fear of rejection I have. Or the fear of being ridiculed – an even harsher form of rejection. But for 2023, I will stop my excuses, I will tackle the self-limiting belief around myself, which in return strengthens my confidence. The first step in overcoming my self-limiting belief is by realizing what it is that is holding me back. So, what is holding me back? “I do not have enough experience” is the funny and dubios catch 22 in my case. Obviously I do not have enough experience, however, I will, once I start doing it and keep at it. So there really is no excuse.

It is a bit like going to the gym for the first time. Super uncomfortable, because everyone is staring (are they really, though?)

I guess we just got to “suck it up” and do our thing until it does become natural. Until we do become experienced. In terms of vlogging, I will take the leap for 2023. No matter if I have 1 or 100 or even 1000 subscribers by the end of 2023. It does not matter, as long as I can share my experiences with the world. Because there is so much to share – I love accumulating all sorts of knowledge and it is time to share it with others.

Starting to vlog is the action step that will help me manifest 3 things into my life in 2023:

I overcome self-limiting beliefs

I build self-confidence (and trust in myself)

and I dedicate time for my hobby, which is learning new things. I will not only learn, but at the same time share my learnings. When I told my tantra teacher about my self limiting beliefs around sharing my knowledge and the imposter syndrome that gets the better of me, she said “Not sharing your wisdom is a dis-service to the world” I’ll take this as my mantra.

3 Manifestations with one action step! It is making something as abstract as “confidence” graspable, attainable and concrete.

What manifestation tips work for you?

Are there any self-limiting beliefs that you have discovered around yourself? If so, what could be concrete action steps to overcome these beliefs? What is it you want to manifest, and how will you do it? There are plenty of different approaches towards manifestation and as unique as our personality is our manifestation technique as well. If you resonate with a manifestation technique, try it out. Make your personal plan, overcome your obstacles. Little by little. 

If it feels like time is working against you, maybe this video will help to organize your day to its full potential.

Should we talk about our New Years manifestation plans?

While some people say we should share our plans, goals and manifestations to be accountable, others say we should be working in the quiet chamber and let the results speak. I would say that it entirely depends upon the person, situation and also the goal. I have found myself the proudest when I did not tell anyone what I was doing until it was done. However, depending on the time invested in a project, it may seem extremely secretive if I did not even say a word (like: What the heck is she doing so secretly?). Depending on the manifestation, the project, resolution or end-goal, most of the time the key may be to just be hinting without all the details. People are naturally curious, so it is on us to choose how much we will share and when to say stop – just let me do. Everybody is different and some love to feel accountable (something that tends to stress me out).

Does manifestation actually work?

Some people make a wish and expect the universe to magically make it happen. Others speak daily affirmation to bring their manifestations to live.

Personally, I swear on making a wish and then making an action step on how to get it. Just a few days ago I have seen an Ad on Instagram in which a woman was offering a manifestation course, because she found my technique ineffective. I have not signed up for this course, so I can not say what she’d suggest instead. But let me tell you, that I am extremely proud when I do active work for my wishes. It gives me that amazing feeling of accomplishment. Do we really want to “just attract”? I guess everybody is different – my approach is that of a predator. I see, I want, I hunt.

Having written that:

Hello 2023, we see your potential!

“Clarity + Alignment + Action = Manifestation.”

Rock Start your 2023

What are your goals and visions for this upcoming year? Write them down and visualize every day – it only takes a few seconds but might make all the difference in the world.

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