In my previous article Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies I have been writing about the Yin and Yang Balance and how important it is to balance out ones energies. Both of the principles -the masculine and the feminine- are extremely important and interconnected, and it is normal to be  in different energies throughout the day.
Yet, in our society there is an emphasis on all things yang. It is understandable, since the yang gets things done. But always remember that those who are active also need to rest well.
We need to honor our feminine source, and one of the many possibilities to do so, which I found to be extremely profound, is the womb clearing.

What is a Womb Clearing?

The Womb clearing came to me for the first time 2 years ago on one of my shamanic journeys in Ibiza.
For the first time I have done it, I have not felt much and I thought it to be some new age stuff that I would not need. It was just “too esoteric”, too little applicable and difficult to grasp. I simply was not open to it. I felt repelled.
Do you know the saying that we need to give special attention to the things we are averse to? This was one of those things to me. Connecting to my innate feminine power, right there where it is stored just seemed off. But very much needed as it showed the year after.
The womb clearing has been that one thing I have unconsciously been craving for.
When I think of my womb and everything related to it, now, I can only simply about the courage and strength that is stored in this powerful energetic field.
So, a womb clearing is a visualization technique that a shaman is guiding you through.
I highly suggest to do at least a first womb meditation and womb clearing together with someone who already has the experience in guiding, and after that, the visualization can be done alone.
The visualization practice gets you in a deeper state of relaxation and opens you up to the subconscious state of your Self. This is where you will access all memories and are more susceptible for changes, affirmations and introspection.
In this state, we are more vulnerable, so it is important that we have trust in the person guiding us.
Quick info; the womb is not only to be understood as our physical womb, but as an energetic field in the womb area that is said to store all sorts of trauma, also ancestral one, as well as a source of joy, creativity and sexuality.
Men have this energetic field, too, and for men it is called the “Hara”.

My first Womb Clearing

During my womb clearing, the shaman has asked me to imagine a liquid light flowing through my body and finding the places in which the energy is blocked and light cannot go through. For me it was my heart and the womb.
My heart felt heavy and stone-hard, but within five minutes of the visualization practice, I became more open, more soft and loving.
Now, I always feel my heart, there is an immense connection and lots of love stored. I feel that this connection to my heart in the visualization practice had been so profound in changing me as a person that I can just recommend to everyone out there to give it a try. I always felt that I needed to protect myself and my heart, but now I feel that the heart and vulnerability is a strong and powerful source that only makes us stronger.
After accessing my heart, it was time to access my womb, and after a few minutes of not feeling anything, I was able to access my womb. The source where everything is stored. I felt my womb being so thirsty, which is exactly what I said to the shaman. “My womb is thirsty”, and she soaked up every little drop of the visualized liquid light. My womb became my biggest and most powerful alliance.
In the Tantra teacher training I am currently going through we are doing lots of different exercises for womb clearing, healing of distorted energies and sexual trauma.
Even though the word “healing” is sometimes repelling to me -I do not like to think of people as being broken- I find the teachings so valuable and hope that more people will open up to the many possibilities of a spiritual practice such as the womb meditation.

Do a womb clearing?

If you are interested in doing a womb clearing yourself, you can find different practitioners and shamans offline or online, or you might want to check out the Insight Timer, where you can find different guided meditations on various topics.
During my Tantra practitioner training, I will be giving Womb Sessions, too.
If you would like me to guide you through this beautiful session, you can schedule a first Consultation with me. I would be delighted to guide you on this wondrous journey. No matter if it is your first Womb Meditation or you already did hundreds of them – you will always grow and receive what is needed.

The Project Seva – Selfless Service

I am dedicating my life to spirituality and self-exploration and made it a priority to help those in need. Half of the profit I am generating from my classes will be donated to charity organizations that are protecting our wildlife and to animal shelters.
The other half goes right back into my education so I exceed the highest standards in the guidance I am providing.
No matter which path you choose on your first Womb -or Hara- Clearing; I wish you a magnificent experience and hope you will find yourself living to your full potential and with utmost joy.

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