First of all; Isn’t the women’s cycle one of the most amazing things there is on the planet? Just think about it: Every month our bodies are working towards creating a new life. Just let it sink in for a while. We are not even aware on how hard our whole body and its systems are working towards creation each and every month.
Given that, we change every day, depending on where we are in our cycle.
I have found this Video posted by Glamour and could not help but to share it with all my female friends and ask them for their opinion. All of them could relate to it.
So, given that we always change, depending on the hormones most active, we should not simply plan each day as if it is the same, because each day represents a different chapter in our lives.

The Menstrual Cycle – explained in Seasons

Winter – Right before the period and during period (around day 27-5 of the female cycle)

This cycle represents winter. Right before menstruation, the hormones drop. You will feel weak and it is time to surrender. This is the season to be gentle with yourself. Take care of yourself, cuddle up on the couch and only do what is necessary. Listen to your body and know that this is a special time, you do not need to push yourself all the time. Just like in winter, the animals sleep and flowers stopped blooming, you can and should turn inwards, too. Maybe you want to reflect on the previous weeks or plan the time ahead?

Spring – The Pre-Ovulation Phase (approx. day 6-11)

Folicle stimulating hormones and estrogen level are rising. You will likely feel dynamic, strong and powerful in this phase.
This is an excellent time to tackle what is ahead of you. Be ambitious, push yourself. Get what you want!

Summer – Ovulation Phase (around day 12-19)

The hormones reach their peak. In this fertile phase you will likely feel sensual and attractive. Your skin might be glowing, hair is shiny.
I hope you feel amazing during this time.
Embrace your femininity!

Autumn – Pre-Menstruum or PMS (approx. day 20-26)

Estrogen reduces, progesterone increases. It is likely you will experience mood swings, bloating and acne. For me, this is a really turbulous time and before I have been aware of how the feminine cycle actually works and on how much hormones impact our inner world, I found it so hard to grasp my emotions. Once I became aware of it, things changed and I can see it as what it is: Just a mood – and that is absolutely okay. No need to fight it or engage in it.

The thing with women and productivity

Being productive feels so rewarding! I love getting things done and seeing the accomplishments I reached.
Having ambition and working towards a higher Goal makes me happy – and I am sure it does you, too!
When a Goal is reached, there is this pride and joy and the reward system immediately kicks in.
Psychology proves it: When we reach our Goals, we feel a rush of endorphines leaving us happy and ecstatic.
I love writing lists about the things I want to accomplish. I love setting Goals and reaching them and I read lots of book regarding productivity, habits and discipline.
Now the thing is that most of the sources on productivity are written by men. Given that they do not have such extreme hormonal fluctuations, their approach is simply different. I used to be harsh on myself whenever I did not meet my goals or felt sluggish and lazy. I blamed myself, and I am sure I am not the only one.
Women, it is time to listen to our bodies and to plan our lives/months/days according to our energy levels.
There are things that need to be done regardless of our hormonal cycle and I respect that – a meeting might not be postponed “just because” we are close to winter season. What needs to be done, needs to be done. Yet, it is in our control to minimize tasks to the least amount possible when our energy levels are low.
We need to learn to be kind to our bodies, we need to start listening to them.

Become aware of your hormonal fluctuations

So with this post, I invite you to track your moods and energy levels during the month. Do you feel certain patterns? Remember that the Cycle concept is a way to simplify a highly complex system – the individual  body. And every woman is unique – so just listen to what your body tells you. The season cycle may serve as a guideline and an idea – it never is a rule. Observe yourself, be curious how YOU, as an individual, function.
Personally, planning my month out by honoring the energy fluctuations has helped me a lot to be kind and compassionate to myself – and at the same time work twice as ambitious during high energy levels.
And I can only recommend any woman (any person, really) to observe their inner world so they understand themselves better and allow more love and kindness into their inner dialogue. It is time to let go of judgment when we feel low – and it is time to embrace our “highs” and our “lows” the same – in different actions.

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